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Dec. 13th, 2011

hongo kanata

oh noes

lalala I'm still working on my weiss_kreuzmas art :3 Maybe I will finish it before the temporary failed version made it through the queue...? Probably not. My own fault, I deserve the shame. I should have tried harder when I had more free time. So much has happened lately. Good and bad things... I am not really sure what's supposed to be considered good and what bad. The results count?

*is off*

ps. the trip to Berlin was fun but I'm still not fond of Berlin, I don't find the city very special or interesting

Nov. 28th, 2011

hongo kanata

(no subject)

If I have enough money for the plane ticket, I'm going to Singapore on the beginning of February :D A friend has invited me. Singapore! Singapore! I'm so curious. Maybe I would meet Hongo Kanata? XD Someone saw him there... XDD

Aaand, the next week I'm going on a short (just one day) trip to Berlin ^^

I'm so happy ♥ But, I need to start saving or I'm not going anywhere. Will be hard as there is the 'free shipping day' on the 30th November. I just realised that I need a new blusher, from a Korean brand as I'm tired of my blushes being a) too dark for my pale skin b) not baby pink enough :3 So I'm getting this Carry Me Blusher from Lioele, it's very practical!

I'm becoming a big fan of Korean cosmetics and style... and I'm getting more and more into the culture (still prefer Japan, of course)... I'm wondering if I should start learning Korean. It annoys me when I don't understand what Korean songs are about at all and I like learning Asian languages. On the other hand, I think it's smarter to focus on Japanese than study a few languages and in the end be unable to really speak any. And I already study Chinese... sometimes D: I guess I will read some Korean textbook just a bit, maybe Korean is easy enough to waste some time on it ;)

Nov. 27th, 2011


WK sales

I've dropped the prices on my Weiss Kreuz items for sale here & here (I need money for Christmas :] ), if someone is interested. Also, I'm willing to negotiate the prices if you want more than one item ^^

I just saw someone with a dollfie near my house, I was walking back from a shop. The girl was mildly embarassed because I saw her taking pictures of her dollie, she had a dorky smile so I approached her with a similiar dorky smile and 'oh, it's a dollfie'. She laughed surprised 'how do you know??'. I used to have a doll from the same company and told her so, and told her that her doll is very pretty. I didn't want to 'become friends' so I ened the talk fast, but that was cute :D

Nov. 26th, 2011


Czesław Niemen - Dziwny jest ten świat

After updating this journal, I often get this 'what the hell did I write it for?' feeling. Why did I feel like telling someone that I like this or that song or what I ate today or what my opinion on this or that matter is. Who cares about it, or especially, why do I care to share my opinions, tastes, thoughts... I know. I procrastinate. When I'm busy being on lj, writing nonsense, I can't study/work/do the dishes. I get this impulse when I see/hear/think something new/interesting/amusing to blog about it. Today I already wanted to write about Hailee Steinfeld (her awesome shoes and Miu Miu Fall 2011 ad campaign), a bar in my city (Ojisan Milk Bar XD), something I discovered about myself (am I really as immature as I considered myself? am I getting old?)... and it's only about 14:00. I will only blog about a Polish song... a very old Polish song which is one of the most beautiful Polish songs... It's difficult to sing, thus it's often chosen by those who enter 'X-Factor', 'Got Talent', etc. to show off, but thankfully the song still feels amazing and unique.

That old fashion trend cracks me up so much XD

What (older) Niemen says when the song starts is 'I appeal that we start discovering the world's beauty'. English lyricsCollapse )

Nov. 25th, 2011


laundry, ecology

I'm well aware that many claims that those laundry balls don't work, but I have an impression that they work for me. My grandmother bought two and gave me one-- I've never been disappointed with it. If my laundry is clean and soft, why should I not use it? When I use washing powder with no fabric softener, my clothes are damn thick-- but not when I use just that laundry ball.

My usual laundry set ^^ A laundry ball + tea tree oil. I use the latter when I wash towels or underwear-- because of its antibacterial properties.

I will have to check if my laundry is the same with no detergent and no laundry ball. The laundry ball certainly was helpful when I washed&dried my down feather jacket.

Nov. 24th, 2011



I very rarely buy honey in normal shops. I think the quality of such honey may be debatable, for example honey shouldn't be exposed to light for long. I try to stay away from honey imported from another country. It's better to buy from local producents. Today my mother went to a market and bought three jars of wonderful honey. I'm so happy ♥ Tomorrow I'm going to make peanut butter. I will use peanuts, pumpkin seed oil and honey as a sweetener ♥

The one on the left and the one in the middle are both buckwheat honey (miód gryczany), just different kinds. The lighter one is the thick, creamy (but not crystallized) type, the same the honey on the right-- it's rapeseed/canola honey (miód rzepakowy). I love that type of creamy honey and this is the first time I will eat buckwheat honey of that consistency-- so excited :D I love buckwheat honey, it has always been my favorite ♥

take a look inside the jarsCollapse )

taisetsu na koto... and models

An update on Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta / I Learned All the Important Things from You-- the drama I was squeeing over some time ago, the one with a girl who reminds me of Omi XD

I wrote the previous review after watching just two episodes (out of 10). Judging just by them, I expected something of a psychological thriller. The atmosphere was amazing and mysterious, and the girl I called evil witch seemed fascinating. Umm. The girl turned out very NOT evil-- just a hurt teenager in love. The focus shifted to the male lead's relationship with the woman he already was engaged to when the story started (and I really disliked the woman). The story got VERY slow-moving, unexciting, just boring... The kids in the class that the male lead was a homeroom teacher of acted very unrealistic in my opinion... Kids who take every thing their teacher says like if it was God's word, cry when he does something 'indecent', the whole class playing a friendly trusting family... Well, I have never been a Japanese high school student, obviously. I finished watching the drama just a while ago, and the only reason I kept going was that girl who reminded me of Omi XD That was unnecessary as recently I learnt that Gouriki Ayame is one of Seventeen's models-- I can adore her while going throught the magazine and enjoying cute clothes ♥ three pages with Ayame from Seventeen 12/2011Collapse )

She really stands out-- the only female model I see in Japanese magazines that has short hair. The "evil witch" (Takei Emi) also models for the magazine, she is very pretty, but I prefer Ayame-- there is so much life in her, she is just adorable ♥ Like Omi ;) one page with Emi, for comparision purposes... + I like the shoes and glasses XDCollapse )

I would give Taisetsu na Koto... 2 stars out of 5. So no, I don't recommend.

Nov. 23rd, 2011


random stuff

Mamoru's gained 1kg-- he is 7,5kg right now. Was 6,5kg when I checked about a month ago. I was pretty sure he is going to gain weight since he used to be 8kg-- he loses weight during Summer, gains it for Winter.

I, on the other hand, has lost 1kg ^^ Still a few more to go. My goal is 48kg-- as I weighed a few months ago. I felt great then. I could lose that few kgs very fast, but I'm not motivated enough right now. I prefer to enjoy red wine and dark chocolate, in big amounts ^^ I used to stick to Lindt 85% cacao but today I bought the 90% cacao version-- wow, it's very different. Just 5% of kakao more but it's much less sweet-- I almost feel like having it for the main dish and the 85% kakao version for the dessert, lol. The next time I'm getting the 99% cacao.

Do you remember my post about all natural, home-made deodorant? Just wanted to confirm that the thing still hasn't failed me-- I don't stink even when I don't shower for 2 days. The mass got too thick/dry after a while, today I added more oil to it (this time with tea tree oil, the eucalyptus one stinks) and it's fine again ^^

I went shopping today, mostly hoping to get a new bra (I'm losing weight but my breast are getting bigger-- I think this is because of my testosterone-lowering herbs... will write about it later, maybe someone will be interested) and a cap/hat for Winter. Got nothing because there was a power failure and they had to close almost all shops in the shapping center :] But at least I managed to finish my food shopping. I got pumpkin seed oil (supposedly also helps with lowering the level of androgen, eating pumpkin seeds would be cheaper but I hate them)-- I'm so happy with it ♥ An amazing flavor and smell, and it turns certain kinds of food green color (mixed it with white cheese + garlic... mmm... wonderful with dark bread)-- I love eating things that have green color :3

Nov. 22nd, 2011


human rights in Russian

Dear friend,

I just added my voice to this urgent appeal, standing for human rights in Russia and all over the world. Medvedev and Putin's party is pushing a law to vote this week that would make any mention of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender issues illegal.

The bill, being introduced as early as this Wednesday, would criminalize any book, article or speech about sexual identity and gender orientation, labeling it "homosexual propaganda". This is outrageous, and now is the time for key world leaders to speak up, we need every voice.

Will you take a minute to add yours?


will take you a few seconds to add your voice...

Nov. 19th, 2011


recommend me animanga series :3

I just watched 'Push'. I won't say it's a great movie but I really enjoyed it-- because of Hong-Kong, Dakota Fanning and superpowers ♥ I enjoy X-Men and Heroes, and when I saw Push's trailer, it reminded me of those. The Bleeders were the best :'D (a video with spoilers) Dakota Fanning's character was my favorite, and I loved her stylization. She reminded me of a friend from the time I was 15 (and that friend was actually 13-- just like Fanning's character). For some reason I couldn't stand Camilla Belle's chara, the only thing that saved her was that she reminded me of Ewa Farna (they look so similiar O_O). I don't like most of Polish music, but I think that Ewa is okay (and she is still very young, just 18 or so).

one of Ewa's best songs, but the PV is terrible ;)Collapse )

I'm downloading BECK, the anime. I plan to start watching it next week. I watched the first episode a few years ago, didn't care enough to continue, but right now I really feel like trying some series that deals with Japanese music or fashion industry... I'm not sure if BECK is the right title. If you know some series similiar to Yazawa Ai's NANA or Paradise Kiss, please let me know :3 I mean rather mature series, please no THE iDOLM@STER (I've seen the first anime episode, was fast-forwarding a lot...) or alike. I like manga as much as anime, or even more, so I'm totally fine with non-animated titles (actually, I'm not browsing mangaupdates.com, the 'showbiz', 'rock band', etc. tags)

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