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the banners by libertynotdead

Umm, no, this journal isn't 'friends only'. Some entries are friends-locked but the majority isn't. I just wanted to use these cool Hongo Kanata banners :3 But, actually, I like dorks and I prefer talking with people who are at least polite.

I'm Polish (no, I don't clean up toilets in Ireland), I write this journal in English and my English sucks. My Polish sucks too.

This journal was supposed to be Weiss Kreuz-centric, but isn't anymore. Feel free to friend it if for some reason you would like to, I almost always friend back.

As for my Weiss Kreuz posts, if you want to read those, please keep in mind that...
* I'm one Omi-obsessed fan, totally shipping him with Aya and posting about both of them a lot
* I love the dramas and my journal is full of quotes and spoilers
* I'm a canon whore
* I support Aya as Weiss's leader. A canon fact. I write on the subject here
* I fangirl the Russian Weiss Kreuz fandom :3

Here are my translations:
* The official Weiss Kreuz chronology - click
* there are random bits of info in my journal, here and there (mostly behind the tag 'wk translations', I'm not well organized)

I'm selling a lot of Weiss Kreuz items here & here [mostly Japanese doujinshi]

See my interests list or check out my journal if you're curious what else, besides Weiss Kreuz and Hongo Kanata, I like.